Monday, November 30, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?

I have a VIP Christmas party to go to week after the next. I have long brown hair, deep brown eyes, medium-tan skin and dark, long eyelashes and I will be wearing a pretty black dress and black shoes.. I want to put at least a little bit of color in it so I figured I could put on some eyeliner and eyeshadow that is a different color than black.

Any ideas?

Pictures would be really helpful too!!

Thanks!!What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?
Purple/plum colors bring out brown eyes really well. You can look online for atricles about that in more detail, or if you don;t want to go through all that, Almay has a makeup line to bring out different colors of eyes, and they have the eyemakeup that you need.…What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?
If you're looking for color, eyeliner won't make much of a difference.

in my opinion, you should wear colored shoes, possibly bright red heels? then you can use red bangles, or earrings.

that'll add way more color, and I guarantee you'll look fabulous.
Purple is a good color to choose. It matches perfectly with black, and its great for brown eyes. I know almay has some purple eyeliners and shadows. Oh and you can try eyelights exact. Those work great ;)
you can use a slate grey eyeliner with shimmery glitter in it. thats really cute. you can find this at ulta or sephora. copper eyeliner will also look cute
I would wear a brown eyeliner!! that always looks great.

for eyeshadow you could wear neutral colors just like cremes and browns…

Turquoise definitely. My cousin has brown eyes %26amp; sometimes she wears turquoise eyeliner %26amp; it looks really nice.
brown eyeliner or a khaki/gray would look good. for eyeshadow gold- but don't put on a lot because it will look really bad! Hope I helped!!

green suits everyone you just have to find the right shade!
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