Monday, November 30, 2009

How can I keep my liquid eyeliner on my waterline during the day?

I use liquid eyeliner on my bottom waterline, and on the top lid (but only a little) and the top ends up smudging and the bottom just comes off during the day. How can I keep it on without having to keep touching it up? Thanks! :)How can I keep my liquid eyeliner on my waterline during the day?
What I usually do is when I put the liquid eyeliner on my waterline and on top of my eye I try not to blink for as long as i can so that the liquid eyeliner completely dries. Although on your waterlineyou WILL need to reaply it but if you follow my method you should only have to reaply it once every 4-6 hours(:How can I keep my liquid eyeliner on my waterline during the day?
using a good eye primer will make sure your makeup stays on during the day. mac has a good eye primer (forgot what it was called), as does the australian brand napoleon which is quite similar to mac.

and also, make sure your eyeliner is a good waterproof one because its on your waterline. it might also help if its a non-irritant hypo-allergenic eyeliner in case your eye is watering in reaction to whats in the product. that all sounds scary, but there are alot of hypoallergenic brands out there like clinique and almay.
Well it really shouldn't smudge, so I would suggest a new company. Try Prestige, it works the best out of all the ones I use.

Liquid eyeliner isn't good for the waterline, use a waterproof pencil or take a pencil and dip it in cream eyeliner then line your waterline. Cream liner is the best for your waterline because it STAYS... try L'Oreal HIP color truth cream eyeliner.

-hope this helps babe. x3
always use a pencil eyeliner first,this may sound weird but if you hold a hairdryer near the pencil eyeliner the tip of the liner should melt,when this happens wait about 10 seconds and apply it to your waterline,it will last all day. then apply your liquid if you want to


you shouldnt put liquid on your waterline at all. use a pencil. and for it staying on your skin use a good one like mac or a higher end company. or you can use cheap stuff with a primer
Please dont put liquid eyeliner on your waterline. Its not safe. The only thing you should be putting on your waterline would be a kohl pencil. And you gotta makesure its kohls. It stays on your waterline.

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