Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do I apply my eyeliner as close to the upper lash line as possible?

Like the liquid sort, and also what kind of eyeliner like, the one with the point much like a small marker pen or the thin brush type? Merci beacoup %26lt;3How do I apply my eyeliner as close to the upper lash line as possible?
I find applying a thin line of gel liner is much easier! You can push it more into your lash line and it's easier to fix if it goes wrong.

For actual liquid liner, I use the thin pointed ones, like sleek dip pots, I find them easiest. It takes practice but do it before you put mascara on and you'll see what youre doing better. The lighter movement, the thinner the line in my experience.How do I apply my eyeliner as close to the upper lash line as possible?
I seem to do better with the eyeliner that is like a pen and you don't have to sharpen it. YOu just twist it to get more eyeliner when you need it. I have applied liquid though. First, dip it in the liquid and make sure you get the excess off of the brush. Too much liquid will end up all over your eyelid. Then, as you are looking very closely into a mirror (with the eye you're not working on open of course), use the very tip of the brush to lightly touch your skin right above the eyelashes. I find that it works better if I carefully do short strokes and reposition the brush, rather than one long stroke across the entire lash line.
In all honesty, I find the upper lash easier to put eye liner one with pencil.

I just pull the side of my eye taunt, then, when the upper lid is straight (not lifted up), I go across, below my lashes, careful not to scrape my eye.

If you try to put it on by lifting your lid up, your eyes (at least, mine do) water like crazy and ruin everything you've done. This way I've found looks more professional.

Not to mention it's way faster this way. Give it a try?
Liquid eyeliner sucks. It is only really good if you want something thick and dramatic. Otherwise, go with a pen type that self-sharpens. They're nifty, smooth, and work very nicely for everyday wear. I like Avon's Glimmersticks.
really carefully. make sure your not drunk.

close the eye your going to apply it on and leave the other eye open. then if your skilled you can do it in a sweep, if not. do it slowly.

then repeat with other eye. do them both in a magnafied mirror
I always apply my liquid eye liner to just below the upper lash line and more so to the actual eye lash! That way you get the effect of bigger, wider, darker eyes and it looks natural instead of a plan pen line drawn around your eyes.

good luck
I use liquid eyeliner on my upper eye lid if its your first time using this have cream and a q tip or tissue on hand because you need to have a steady hand over time it becomes very easy.Just practice and be patient.
look down into a mirror when applying this is realy good and works! use a sharp kohl or a liquid liner but dont use the point of the liquid liner use the side.
Try checking out this website. It might help =)
sharper for pencil thinner for liquid.....practice pull out soflty the corner of your eye to your ear with your eyes closed

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