Monday, November 30, 2009

Best eyeliner i could purchase at the drugstore?

I'm planning to spend only a few dollars on pencil eyeliner. I've tried expensive ones for $20+ and they don't work at all! They end up getting flaky and smudge even though they're state that they're waterproof/smudge-proof!

What's the best drugstore brand pencil eyeliner that will go on SMOOTH and last the entire day without smudging?Best eyeliner i could purchase at the drugstore?
Its not drugstore but I like Avon's glimmersticks they are like $3 dollars they are good!Best eyeliner i could purchase at the drugstore?
maybeline, the retractable kind so you don't have to sharpen it.
covergirl with the smudger on the end is really good! but it smudges.

heres how to stop the smuding. put a thin flesh colored layer of eyeshadow around/kinda on the edges of the line youve made with your eyeliner. it works! :) best of luck hunny!
I know you said drugstore, but try Urban Decay. I swear, they are THE BEST. They will last through a HXC dancing concert, and I swear, nothing withstands that. They are soft of 30 seconds, then dry and never move until you take them off. You can get them at Sephora and they are THE BEST.

Drugstore--- Try Outlast by Covergirl or Color stay by Revlon. Or you could just go for liquid and call it a day. Just don't get Maybelline if you go for liquid.
I've found the Loreal and Almay pencils to work fairly well for drug-store eye pencils. They're a little pricier (closer to $10) but they seem to work better than the 99-cent ones.

Good luck!

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