Monday, November 30, 2009

What eyeliner would look good with my eyes?

I have a range of eye colors.(Depending on what I'm wearing.) I like Hot Topics eyeliner cause it is cheap and colorful. I either have hazel, green, blue, or a teal. Which one would look the best. I am open to others but nothing over 4 bucks.What eyeliner would look good with my eyes?
I have Hazel eyes that change as well. I like liquid eyeliner. I use JANE liquid liner..sold in many colors. I use green, lavender and maroon. They all look awesome with my eyes!What eyeliner would look good with my eyes?
try to use contrasting colors. if your eyes are blue use a black or golden eyeliner. if your eyes are brown/hazel try a blue/teal. and green eyes need a brown or purple colored eye liner. shadows work the same as well. =)
A deep brown or a navy blue would look great with all different eye colors .
well, black would probably make your eye color stick out more. soo try like dark brown or black on the outer parts of your eyes. it'll make your eyes look fuller and brighter, trust me.
well, i cant see your eyes. but i love blue. its typially beautiful on everyone. or purple which is subtle.
I think more of purple or pink.
ew colorful eyeliner looks cheep.

go with black
my eyes are just like yours! i would say a dark purple but not too much eyeliner or it will hide your beautiful eyes
plum looks good if u have it

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