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What's the best eyeliner and eyeshadow color for a pale person with brown eyes?

I'm 14 and haven't worn makeup before but I want to change that before school starts back. I'm not a makeup expert and I've heard that what color looks good on you depends on your skin color and your eye color. Well, I'm pale and have brown eyes. What's the best eyeliner and eyeshadow for a pale person with brown eyes?What's the best eyeliner and eyeshadow color for a pale person with brown eyes?
I would suggest a dark brown eyeliner with frosted/sparkly brown eyeshadow with a use a frosty/sparkly cream colored eyeshadow for the highlight [what you apply on your lid up to your eyebrows before putting the darker color on your lid]. Usually you can find 3 shade make up pallets with the highlight, and two shades of brown [light and dark brown/black] at any place that sells make up. Don't try to start out with black eyeliner or any dark colors. They're the hardest to make look ';clean'; and can make you look older [not in a good way] and ';trampy'; when not done well. Skip the black eyeliner and apply some volumizing mascara and you'll look great!What's the best eyeliner and eyeshadow color for a pale person with brown eyes?
I don't necessarily think there is one best of anything.

In my opinion, it depends on the person, the effect they are going for, and their personality.

I have brown eyes and I am very tan. I stick with browns because it looks most natural on me, and I feel more comfortable in those tones. During the day I use a brown eyeliner that I have to sharpen, or twist up for a soft effect. If I am going out in the evening, I use a thin line of black liquid eyeliner just so I can play up my eyes more.

My sister also has brown eyes, but she is very pale. I have noticed she can get away with more shades, and they look great on her. It also depends on the effect she is trying to achieve at the moment. Grays/silvers look great on her for a smoky effect, blues look good on her for a playful look. She uses pinks for romantic, and browns for casual. She rarely uses eyeliner, but when she does she only uses eyeliner that is not liquid.

What I would suggest to do is take 10 bux and head to wal-mart or k-mart and buy a few wet and wild shades to experiment and see what you like best. Once you have found your desired shades/effects, than invest in more expensive make-up.

Have fun and good luck!
Pinks work well with pale skin and eyeliner depends on the size of your eyes, the more eyeliner the smaller your eyes appear.

Also a cool tip is to try the smokey affect, but try it ahead of time to se the results before hand.

To do this, Get three shades of any color (blowns/blacks work best though) and apply the dark eyeshadow half way up the eyelid, a medium shadow for the rest of the eyelid and a light shadow up to the eyebrow. it ususally turns out really cute. And again if you have smaller eyes you more of the ligher colors
Use green or blue eyeshadow, and brown eyeliner pencil/liquid. (I suggest liquid)

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