Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do you apply eyeliner without making a mess?

For some reason, everytime I apply liner on my upper and lower eyelids it is just a plain and simple mess - especially on the top. I've watched dozens of videos on how to apply eyeliner properly, but none of them have worked. I think I have an unsteady hand. Are there any tips?How do you apply eyeliner without making a mess?
Practice, Practice, Practice! It isn't hard but if your new it can be a challenge. I would recommend using a non-pencil stick for starters, such as Cover Girl's gel eyeliner (about $5 at a drugstore). It's the easiest to apply because you never have to sharpen it, it just scrolls up. When applying, start from the inner part of your eye (about 2 cm) and lightly draw the liner on getting as close as possible to your lashes. The line should end where your eyelid ends, unless you want to create a dramatic effect. Applying the liner should feel almost like your sketching a picture. I hope this works!How do you apply eyeliner without making a mess?
Just try to to be really careful not to poke yourself!!I poked myself one day man that hurt!!I say use a liquid eye liner it works best!! Report Abuse

Yes, a pencil liner. Touch it in very tiny little baby steps, and remove the pencil from your face between every tiny step, and look at it in the mirror, kind of like an artist would sketch, light thin lines.
Are you using liquid liner?

I think you should practice with a Q-tip over and over again. Then start using the eyeliner. Don't apply too much.
use a pencil and hold the corner of your lids and pull them toward your ears. it makes them firmer and easier to apply
well i put it on and then its usually too thick and i look extremely emo and stupid looking so then i take a makeup remover {eye} and a q-tip and run it along so i get a smooth thin line =]
very carefully
Use a dark color of eyeshadow instead, preferably one that can be applied wet.Mary Kay is excellent for this.It also doesn't leave harsh looking lines and you can ';smudge'; it for a natural appearance, or if going out at night, use a little more, and smudge for a sultry look.
Instead of trying to complete it in one line without lifting your hand, do a small line... lift your hand... carry on from were you ended off and so on. It may still be a bit messy but if it is, I would suggest for you to purchase some makeup remover cloths and take one of the corners and carefully erase any mistakes you`ve made. Oh and you could actually smudge the liner a bit with a q-tip so it won`t matter if it`s a bit messy or anything. Hope I`ve helped yahh xx
use a pencil eyeliner. all i can really tell you is practice, and you'll get it.
I like to use a cream type pencil eyeliner. I steady my hand on my cheek as well. Also try putting your eyeliner on first before any eyeshadow. That way if you mess up its easy to fix.

Second i then take a liquid eyeliner and go over what i applied with the pencil. This helps as a guide. And i only apply liquid to the top...pencil on the bottom.

Then when i'm done applying my shadow i just touch up my liner.
I don't apply eyeliner on the top lid. I just do it on the bottom because it looks a lot cleaner, and it doesn't look as messy.

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