Saturday, November 28, 2009

What kind of eyeliner do you use to apply eyeliner on your waterline?

I use liquid eye liner for my upper lids and I've tried putting it on my waterline but once I blink, it comes off.

What kind of eyeliner should I use on my waterline?What kind of eyeliner do you use to apply eyeliner on your waterline?
Pencil is the only thing that will stay on and not hurt if it gets in your eyes. Kohl pencils are nice and soft, and they give a dark line even on the waterline.What kind of eyeliner do you use to apply eyeliner on your waterline?
Either Kohl or Pencil Liners. Don't use a liquid liner because it will irritate your eyes too much. Try putting a couple of coats back and forth to make it stay on longer, but keep in mind you will have to touch up. Liners are meant to stay on dry surfaces, but your water line is wet. Just carry a compact and your liner in a purse and touch up when needed!
Never use liquid liner on your waterline- it's apparently really bad for your eyes.

I use Avon Big Color Eye Pencils in Night Glisten. So far it's the only black I've found that will stay put all day and not smudge off or run off. I'll put it on in the morning, go to school, come home and it will still be on there really good.

Good luck!

You shouldn't apply it to the waterline. THere are health concerns that come from applying makeup that close to your eye. The eye can easily absorb the chemicals in your liners. Do you really want to risk it?

Instead, smudge a pencil liner into your lashline.
I just use any pencil. that is usually easiest. however as far as quality goes, go for a gel eyeliner. bed head works best for me.鈥?/a>
Use gel or pencil, but after you apply you can add a eyeshadow of the same color right under your line. This will also help from not smudging.
Gel liner! Use the Luxe Liner from Bee Luscious, it is the best.鈥?/a>
try revlon colorstay, the pencil kind work best. or any waterproof eyeliners (pencil) work good too, without smudging.
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