Monday, November 30, 2009

What is a really good pencil eyeliner that goes on smooth and dark?

For a long time I've been looking for the perfect eyeliner pencil. I've tried so many!! My choice of color is jet black. I want it to go on extremely smooth and DARK. I think Lancome has a few I haven't tried, but I don't want to wast my money on something expensive if I don't know it's going to work. Do you know of any I can purchase? Please only recommend something that you've tried, not heard it works. Thanks.What is a really good pencil eyeliner that goes on smooth and dark?
i've used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencil in ';zero';, it costs $16 and it is awesome!!! Also i have tried Benefit's BadGal liner and it costs $20. They're both great for smoky eye or just apply as a ';black-black'; liner. The one drug store ones that I've also owned and like are the Lo'Real eyeliners in carbon and the LeKohl Pencil. They work great and are from $7-$8. and like I said... I HAVE USED ALL OF THEM. and as an extra if there is a Sephora in your town, you can go and try out the Urban Decay and the Benefit liner out, and see which one you like best.What is a really good pencil eyeliner that goes on smooth and dark?
1. SHISEIDO is expensive but worth it, even when I used to go to shrink`s cabinet and cry for an hour, it would never smudge.

2. FELINE eye pencil by MAC, but it`s discontinued, it was a one shot that came out with a limited edition collection, but look for it through, it`s worth it, it`s the blackest you can find ever.

3. BENEFIT Sketching Pencil Eyes, by ONYX my everyday favourite.

To compliment your look, go for SMOKEY LASH mascara by MAKE UP FOREVER from SEPHORA, the blackest, thickest, longest, and curviest lashes you`ve never dreamed of.

This mascara with the blackest of your choice of the pencils that I just told you about will be totally unstoppable, and the perfect team to create the Arabian eyes look.

Hope that helped.

**the first one is liquid...that one goes on very smoothly and you can get it at a target or a walmart or any general store.. It comes off very easily with water on a Q-tip.

**the second one is a pencil eyeliner. It works very well and doesnt smug. it comes off easy too! you can also get this one at a target, wal-mart, or a general is made by covergirl
Bonne Bell works great, it comes is every color, and it doesn't fall apart when you sharpen it, and its under $2.00 at walmart.

I also like Maybeline NY Line Stylist.
Rimmel in black, its like 3 dollars

or if you like avon, their eyeliner works wonders. its stays on AND is the darkest ive ever found.
covergirl perfect point plus eyeliner in black onyx!

Hi there!

I use Tokyo, it is absolutely water proof and it goes on smooth, plus it doesn't give you any allergies.
URBAN DECAY %26lt;333 Black eyeliner in ';Zero';. It's about $16, but it's the best!
Mac eyeliner is really good. i suggest u try it (:

hope i helped (:
sephora is AMAZING!its stays on through the tears

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