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I usually only apply eyeliner along the bottom, but lately my left eye has started seeping and I'm worried this is the cause. Should I stop putting on eyeliner for a while, or can I get away with just using less?

Also, any tips on stopping it from smudging?Eyeliner...?
put it over or under the lash as opposed to the inside nearer the eye, you may have a small eye infection or blocked pours.

try getting some no tears shampoo, putting a little in a bowl of warm water and just using it on a cotton bud to clean the pours of your eyes.

Hope that helps. Good Luck. x xEyeliner...?
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Here's how to make your eyeliner stay on longer:

1. The best way to make your liner stay is to line your top and bottom lashlines with a pencil followed by a liquid liner.

2. Powder your skin with translucent powder before and after you line your eyes.

3. Never ever rub your eyes if you have makeup on. Although this is common sense, a lot of people still do it unconsciously.

4. Liquid liners tend to stay on the longest while pencils have the tendency to smudge easier.

5. Wet your liner brush with a drop of MAC's Water-based mixing medium for extra staying power.

Please read the following for more details:
Replace your eyeliner. If you've got an infection, this will be transferred to your eyeliner. If your eyeliner is more than 6 months old it should be replaced anyway. Stop using any eye makeup for a few days, then use a new waterproof eyeliner. This will stop it running. You should also replace your eyeshadow and mascara.
just give ur eyes some rest. if u r putting too much eye make up dont forget to take it off with some make up remover. as u noe eyeliners origins r from charcoal so everytime u draw ur eyes u r applying charcoal..
your best not using anything for a few days, you should go see your doctor to ensure you dont have an eye infection.

Buy a new eyeliner (maybe liquid one is better as less risk of smudging), and get a new mascara as well.
Get a new eyeliner. Actually makeup expires and gets rancid over time. You shouldn't keep makeup products long, and if your eye is seeping that eyeliner is full of germs. You should also consider using makeup products that are natural and not made with chemicals and synthetics. Check out this site on healthy skin鈥?/a>
Don't use any eye products until your eye heals or you will contaminate all your products and have to buy new. Put a bottle of toner or gentle eye make up remover in the fridge. When chilled, with cotton wool make eye pads, this should soothe the area.

You will need to sharpen the pencil, never use the same sharpener that you would sharpen writing pencils with because you can get infections.

To stop it from smudging go ovet the line with a similar coloured eyeshadow. Make sure that you wash the brush on a weekly basis.

NEVER put eyeliner inside th rim of the eye.

Beauty Therapist
I would stop using it for while
i would stop using a pencil use a brush
i would stop using it all together just now and get some eye drops ... a trip to the doctor might be a good idea... and smudgein buy an eye pencil less likely to smudge
i would stop using it for a while and if it dont get better you will have to go to the doctors to see what the problem is.
eye products,makeup,has to be kept extremely clean.the instant it falls on the floor or comes into contact with any dirt you bet you will get an eye have to throw it away and buy all new eye makeup.
smudging- dont touch it! i wood advise to leave it be for a wile
stop using it and wait till you get better
Stop using it for a bit and see if it stops, if not its somthing else and you can continue wiv da eyeliner. Mayby uve changed brands or makes and this certain brand of eyeliner does not suit u. Dont buy cheap make up theyre usully less quality wise. To stop it smudgin by a less smudge pen. look aroud 4 them. Give your eyes a rest from time to time.

Hope that helps.
Have you thought of getting one of those slanted brushes from the body shop and using dark eyeshadow instead? It gives a much softer look? Pencils can be rather hard, so experts suggest warming them up in your hand a bit first.

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