Monday, November 30, 2009

What eyeliner stays on all day and looks good on?

I put eyeliner on the water line so it Disappears in hours.What eyeliners stay on all day and look like you just put it on?What eyeliner stays on all day and looks good on?
Revlon Colorstay eyeliners and Almay eyeliners..

Use an angled brush and set your good quality eyeliner (whichever you end up with) with the same colored eyeshadow..What eyeliner stays on all day and looks good on?
Revlon Colorstay. It's roughly $7.00, but great quality. Sometimes you can buy them in a ';2-in-1'; pack, too, for the same price.

It glides on easy and stays on all day. I'm quite happy with it.

The entire Revlon Colorstay line is very good. I also use their base. I go to a permanent make-up lady and when she's disinfecting certain parts of my face, she always says, ';She knows this must be Revlon'; because other women have come in wearing it and it was hard for her to wash off.

A side note ----- One to definitely AVOID is Loreal Pencil Perfect! A waste of money. I bought that once when the store was out of my Revlon CS. That crap never dries. You go to look at yourself in the mirror an hour or so after applying it, and you look as if you'd been crying, or that Alice Cooper came over and did your make-up for you. First time I noticed what a smeary mess it had become I had been dealing with customers for a whole hour before hand, looking like that, I was so embarrassed. haha!

When it comes to make-up, it is so worth paying a couple extra bucks for the good stuff.
For a liquid eyeliner, Lancome Artliner ... even if I work out, and work 8 hours a day it still lasts from am to pm. For a pencil eyeliner, try Chanel Waterproof Twistable Eyeliner. It is a precise liner (easy to control) and I wear this when I go swimming.
I use Liquid eyeliner by Cover Girl in very black. Once you have applyed a perfect line, let dry, and it doesn't smudge or smear away. I love the liquid it's easier to draw cat eye's with.

Hope I helped!
you know what i've been useing for the past, 10 years?

NYC liqued eye liner.

It has always worked for me, and it's the cheapest at any department store you go to.
try Mac pigment eyeliner, or their liquid eyeliner

also Bodyshop

i tried them all, they r all real good!
arbonne is AMAZING!! i love it...i use it everyday and it stay on extremely well!
Loreal or max i know max is cheap but it works lol or like any victoria secret and sephora works really good 2
This used to happen to me all of the time, then I splurged for a $10 eye pencil from Victoria's Secret and never looked back. It's worth the ten bucks :)
Chanel Kohl pencil is your best bet. I just tried it and it's BY FAR the best ever. totally worth every cent.
Loreal High Intensity Pigment...
as long as you dont rub your eyes kat von d mascara from sephora really works
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