Monday, November 30, 2009

How to offset red eyes with eyeliner? And what about blue eyeliner?

I get these red, watery eyes sometimes in the mornings, and they're kind of bloodshot. I remember there's a particular color which offsets them and kind of neutralises them so they don't appear so red. Also, what does blue eyeliner do?How to offset red eyes with eyeliner? And what about blue eyeliner?
Blue is the big offender...eyeshadow, liner -any blue makes the red worse. Colours that are neutral help...taupe, grays can help....How to offset red eyes with eyeliner? And what about blue eyeliner?
Try using something with some red in it, like a brown-mahogany kind of thing. I've never tried it but IN THEORY, the red eyeliner should balance out the redness in the eyes.

Green is usually used to cover up red spots on your skin because when the green goes over the red, it neutralizes the spot. However, when you have something like eyeliner, you have to use a similar colour to overshadow the red in your eyes.
well i learned in art class that the opposite color (complementary color) in the color wheel tones each other down. so green is across from red in the color wheel, so green would tone down red. orange is across from blue, so orange would tone blue down.
Blue eyeliner offsets the red and makes the whites of your eyes really pop. Also try eye drops, visine. Just don't get into the habit of using it daily as it isn't good to use it long term.
Try Navy Eyeliner...

I found this site which had other great tips-鈥?/a>
Blues are good to off-set the red. They stick a blue tint in red lipsticks that are supposed to make your teeth look whiter and the same goes for eye makeup....using blue will make the whites look more white.
I have brown eyes that appear red and when I use my navy blue eyeliner they seem too pop but they seem more red. So I only use black eyeliner. Then again they seem greens sometimes too.
im not that sure about red eyes...but i would use brown

and blue eyeliner makes brown eyes pop!!
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