Monday, November 30, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good with green eyes?

I have green eyes and use a dark green eyeliner, but I think they just make my eyes look darker and more browner. What color eyeliner would made my eyes stand out more?

Thanks for your help! :)What color eyeliner looks good with green eyes?
green makes mine more green.. but then again my eyes are more towards hazle than green.


purple [violet or plum]

or black [duh]What color eyeliner looks good with green eyes?
well i doubt you would want to use this color, but i have green eyes and i wear red eyeshadow an dit makes it really stand out

nah green will only make it look less green, try what the above said, plum, purple, brown, or pink
i think black eyeliner looks great with any eyecolor. My eyes are a really pretty blue and i use black eyeliner. Just put a thinish line on your tear line, not too much though, dont wanna look like a racoon lol
I have green eyes and I use brown. I think brown and grey look good with green eyes.
Plum, black, bronze, lavender or silver =]
Brown would look pretty, but you could use gold or black as well. Black usually makes eyes stand out more.

i have green eyes and they stand out when i use brown eyeliner.

Plum, will make your eyes stand out
beautiful first u have green eyes.u can use brown,blue eyeliner
brown looks good too
plums, golds, whites, and the classic blacks and browns
i think black but not thick or else it will look really bad
black and plum
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