Monday, November 30, 2009

Is it okay to sleep with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara on or should I take it off before I sleep?

I get lazy sometimes, or feel like my eye makeup looks almost too good to remove and want to have it the same way the next day, so sometimes I sleep in it. But I was just wondering if there are any bad side effects, like it getting oily, absorbing into my eyelid or something else. I know the ';panda eyes'; thing and usually I don't have that when I wake up. Anything else I should know?Is it okay to sleep with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara on or should I take it off before I sleep?
take it off,, it wrecks your skin:(

Please;)鈥?/a>Is it okay to sleep with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara on or should I take it off before I sleep?
Never wear makeup to bed!

By cleansing, you'll eliminate dirt and clear your pores, letting skin breathe.

Good cleansing can clear away a good deal of makeup, but we also suggests using a makeup remover especially for the eyes鈥攐ne that conditions the eye area's delicate skin while removing all traces of makeup.

Remove eye makeup carefully. Use a soft sponge, cotton cloth or cotton balls when removing eye makeup to avoid damaging the delicate tissue around your eyes. If you wear heavy, waterproof makeup, you may need to use an oil-based product such as petroleum jelly.
u shud remove it. to let your skin breath, and it will clog up your pores if you continue leaving it on for several hours will asleep. casuing irratiation and dry skin and may form spots..

so its best for you and your skin to remove it.. and continue with clear smooth, moist skin

good luck
Yes, please remove your makeup before you go to bed at night. A fresh face with fresh makeup is beautiful. A night sleeping on makeup on your pillow w/sweat, drool and God knows what else looks lazy and crackheadish. Fresh = pretty! :)
Omg, yeah please wash your face, makeup will settle into your fine lines around your eyes and you will get wrinkles!!! And wash your face with a scrub like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, it will get rid of all your old dull skin and your face will look better.
ull...get dark circles underneath ur eyes...ull get wrinkles...pimples or acne's...throw ur lazynesss...dont let things to get worse..babe...ull become old very soon if u go to sleep with makeup removes ur skin's moisture and it'll make look dull as days go....good luck
Your skin needs to breath. It needs to be cleaned when you go to bed as well as when you wake up. Also after you've cleaned your eyes dab moisteriser there.
AVOID sleeping with any makeup on whatsoever

It may not effect you now, but it will couple years from now.

No matter what wash and clean your skin before sleeping!
somtimes after a long day of doing somthing i fall asleep with all my makeup on it dosnt really make a difference but somtimes i like being all natural when i go to sleep lol : )
definately take it off. after all it is chemicals you would be pushing into your pores

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