Monday, November 30, 2009

What color eyeliner should i use for blue eyes?

Should I use black eyeliner on blue eyes? Or is that to harsh for my eyes. I like it but my mom says it looks to harsh. But all of my friends tell me I look really pretty with it. And always ask me for tips on how i do it. But All i want to know is should i stick with black or another color? like what color would make blue eyes pop?What color eyeliner should i use for blue eyes?
Brown liner makes blue eyes come alive.

Use Covergirl Queen collection or outlast smoothwear.

I use Estee Lauder liquid liner, but sometimes that is just too much..What color eyeliner should i use for blue eyes?
blue eyes suit everycolour apart from blue me ive tried them all.smokey eyes are especially cool on blue eyes.look up you tube to show you how to do this.its an eye openiner.remember only put eyeliner on the upper lid as puttin it on the lower lid makes the eye look smaller.although a little bit of shadow on the lower does no also suits blue eyes especially if ya have blonde hair as does purple with dark hair.hope this helps
i have blue eyes and i get my make up at clinique, and they told me to use plum colors for eye Shadow and eyeliner, different shades of purples and blue.

brings it out your color鈥?/a>
you should use a purple eyeliner bcuz i have a friend who has blue eyes and she wears a purple eyeliner and some gray eyeshadow it really makes her eyes pop
use a teal color on the outside of your bottom eye, then i light green on the inner part of the bottom part of your eye

hope i helped =]
i use black with grey eyeshadow and i have blue eyes

but mine change all the time

sometimes theyre green and grey too

but also almay has a line of makeup for blue eyes

try that
Dark black
black or gray/ silver
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