Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the difference between pencil eyeliner and liquid liner?

I use the push up pencil from Covergirl, and was wondering about liquid liner. What are the differences, pros, and cons?What is the difference between pencil eyeliner and liquid liner?
the difference is the definition the line creates. if you do not have a steady hand, and if you lack patience - a liquid liner is not for you.

it simply creates a straighter and thinner line that is said not to smudge. some people think it looks more put together.

and naturally, the texture of that you're putting on your eye is different from a liquid to a pencil (but im sure you guessed that)

both look good in their own way - but the liquid is harder to apply properly without some practiceWhat is the difference between pencil eyeliner and liquid liner?
DO NOT TRY THE VIDEO it will give yuor computer a virus. (just warning you, it did to me)

anyway pencil eyeliner is easy to put on and simple to correct.

Liquis eyeliner is not so easy to put on and correct but if done good gets better results =D

o kay......the videos gone
pencil cons: smudges easily

pencil pros: easy to correct

liquid cons: not as easy to correct

liquid pros: doesn't smudge

Liquid gets the best results, i think anyway. it looks better, but it's harder to apply, it takes alot of practicing. good luck :)
liquid liner makes a more dramatic line and is better for night time or formal make up. it looks nice when applied correctly, but looks extremely tacky when applied incorrectly. and, applying it correctly requires WAY more technical ability than pencil does.
Well first of all liquid eye liner goes on the top lid of you eye and pencil goes on bottom try it..=]]

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